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Rider Resources

TEAM OREGON is Oregon’s statewide motorcycle safety education and training program. Team Oregon’s mission is to provide quality training for motorcyclists of all abilities and levels of experience. Whether you’re just beginning or want to raise your street skills to a higher level, Team Oregon has a course available for you.

Who must take a motorcycle safety course?

The 2009 Oregon Legislature passed a law that requires all new motorcycle riders to complete an approved motorcycle safety training course to get their endorsement. The requirement is phased in over a five-year period based on age.

January 1, 2011 All New Riders 30 and under
January 1, 2012 All New Riders 40 and under
January 1, 2013 All New Riders 50 and under
January 1, 2014 All New Riders 60 and under
January 1, 2015 All New Riders of Any Age

Check out the TEAM OREGON Website at to find course information, up-to-the-minute training schedules and links to motorcycling information and forums.

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